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Insights Updates - Q1 2024
Insights Updates - Q1 2024
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1/18/2024 - Walmart+

Building on Amazon Prime membership data that is already available, today we launch verified Walmart+ membership data in Insights to provide brands and retailers an up-to-date and verified view of membership subscriptions at the nation's top retailers.

Leveraging our Link technology, we are able to capture the status of Walmart+ membership on a near real-time basis and classify our Walmart connected panelists into three unique segments:

  • Current Walmart+ members

  • Lapsed Walmart+ members

  • Never a Walmart+ member

Walmart+ membership data will be available to all users via:

  • Advanced Shopper Profile Report

  • People Group Builder

  • Reports that have Demographic Attributes in the [Any Level] prompt

For more detailed information, visit the Subscription Membership Methodology article.

1/18/2024 - Duplicating an Instant Survey Question

You can now duplicate a recommended or custom question when building your questionnaire. This is useful when:

  • You want to modify a pre-written recommended question

  • You want to create an additional question with the same answer options as a previously created one

To learn more about these updates, please visit our Instant Surveys: Creating a Survey Question article.

1/5/2024 - Short Survey Pricing and Adding Images to Instant Surveys

We have two exciting updates for Instant Surveys to kick off the New Year! You can now launch a Short Survey (up to 5 questions) for just 1 credit or stick with a Standard Survey (6-15 questions) for 2 credits. Additionally, you can now enhance your surveys by adding images to survey questions or answer options, providing additional context to a question.

To learn more about these updates, please visit our About Survey Credits and Instant Surveys: Creating a Survey Question articles.

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