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Insights Updates - Q2 2023
Insights Updates - Q2 2023

Overview of enhancements and changes to the Insights platform

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6/30/2023 - Online Subchannels Available

To further deepen eCommerce analysis, a new level within the Store Hierarchy has been launched--subchannels. Subchannels provide greater granularity of the online channel and allow you to compare brick & mortar channels to their online counterparts.

6/30/2023 - New and Improved Product Groups List Page

The Product Groups List Page has been redesigned to provide a clearer distinction between a Product Group vs a Breakout. Also included is a simplified user experience, new functionality, and streamlined appearance.

6/22/2023 - Refreshed Lifestyle Demographic Data (US only)

The U.S. demographic landscape is ever-evolving, and it’s our priority to ensure that our panelists’ profiles are as accurate and up-to-date as possible. We have improved the Lifestyle demographic data available in Insights so that it reflects current event themes such as inflation, increased cost of living, and shifting poverty lines. These improvements are live in the Insights platform effective immediately.

Please click here to learn more about Lifestages and Lifestyles.

5/25/2023 - New SNAP/WIC People Groups Available Now (US only)

We’re excited to launch nine new SNAP/WIC people groups today. These new groups allow you to dive deeper into the behavior, demographics, and sentiments of the households that have 2+ or 12+ SNAP trips, WIC trips, or both. You can start leveraging these today by going to My Workspace>People Groups>SNAP & WIC Users folder. If you have any further questions, please reach out to your Numerator rep or chat us live.

5/19/2023 - Improvements to Search Functionality

We’re excited to share new improvements to how you search for your products, categories, and stores in our Numerator Insights reports. Search functionality no longer requires exact punctuation and spelling, so looking for what you need just got a whole lot smarter - and faster!

5/1/2023 - Dashboards Launch

Numerator Dashboards are here! Dashboards make panel insights more accessible across all levels of an organization, providing visual snapshots with charts and tables that can be filtered for a quick understanding of panel metrics.

Please click here to learn more about Dashboards. If you would like to find out more about adding Dashboards to your access, please reach out to your Numerator account team.

4/7/2023 - Order and Delivery Report Launch

Numerator is excited to release our newest report, Order and Delivery. The Order and Delivery report was designed from the ground up to be a one-stop source for comparing key panel metrics, demographics, and behavioral differences across in-store vs. online buyers, as well as across different fulfillment methods for online purchases.

This report is available now within the Portfolio Insights tab. Please click here to learn more about the Order and Delivery report.

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