How to use SNAP/WIC flags in various reports

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SNAP/WIC in Insights:

There are several key places within our Insights platform where users can analyze trips where SNAP and/or WIC were used.

A few considerations when using the SNAP and WIC flags:

  • SNAP and WIC capture is limited to in-store receipts.

  • In order to get the most accurate read on SNAP and/or WIC users we recommend looking at shoppers who have made 2 or more SNAP and/or WIC trips.

  • The logic used in the platform to identify SNAP and WIC trips was updated in September 2022.

How to Use SNAP/WIC in Insights:

Example 1: Trip Groups

Users can create SNAP and/or WIC Trip Groups and use those to run reports or create Trip Groups.

Example 2: Shopper Comparison

Users can see how often SNAP and/or WIC were used on the types of trips specified in the report prompts.

Example 3: In the Data Explorer report, Trended Metrics Scorecard, and Advanced Trended Metrics Scorecard

Users can have metrics broken out by SNAP Used and WIC Used Trip Attributes.

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Last Updated 3/13/2023

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