Short-Term Gains and Losses Playbook

Understand gains and losses in household penetration

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Business Challenge

Understand gains and losses in household penetration

Insights Specifics

  • Modules Used: Shopper and Brand

  • Reports Used: Brand Diagnostics, Existing Brand Source of Volume, Lapsed, Repeat, New, Data Explorer

Business Questions

  • How are different brands performing in terms of household penetration and other metrics like purchase frequency?

  • How is my brand performing over time? What metrics are driving overall sales changes?

  • Who are the buyers that I should target to increase my brand's penetration?

  • Over time, how has my brand grown sales?

  • Am I sourcing volume mainly from other brands, new category buyers, or existing buyers to buy more of the category?

  • Which brands am I shifting volume from/to? Which channels am I shifting from/to?

  • How does each shopper type affect trips and spend, and which one should I focus on?

  • Are lapsed shoppers still shopping at the retailer for other products in my category?

  • Are new shoppers new to the product, or to the retailer?

Analysis Path

Step 1: Prompt a Brand Diagnostic Report

Step 2: Prompt an Existing Brand Source of Volume Report

Step 3: Prompt a Lapsed, Repeat, New Report

Step 4: Prompt a Data Explorer Report

Use Case Example

The use case included in the template examines how Airborne within Adult Immunity has performed with regards to household penetration.. Please see template slides included for an overview of this specific example.

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Last Updated 4/21/2023

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