Need to understand why someone bought your product? Have you been tracking a launch and want to ask questions to those shoppers? This 15 question survey allows you to ask qualified panelists about their shopping behavior.

Key Features of Concept Screening:

  • Ask up to 15 questions
  • Uses any panelist type
  • Find the right people to ask using a choice of: People Groups, People Groups (from the New Item Module), New Item Tag (from the New Item Module), Product and Store Prompts (in the Instant Survey Report)
  • Optional: Include an image of the product you are asking about
  • Receive data in as quickly as 36 hours

Before you begin:
People Groups:

  • If you are going to want to launch your survey to a People Group, make that group before starting your New Item Instant Survey set-up

New Item Tag:

  • If you are going to want to use a New Item tag to launch the survey, we recommend checking sample size in the New Item Tracker Report

What questions do you want to ask:

  • We have already loaded some popular questions

Custom Questions:

  • You can ask your own custom questions, but they need to be added to your account before launching the survey
  • The form to add custom questions is available here

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