Need to understand why shoppers are buying another product other than yours? This 10 question survey allows you to ask qualified panelists what they think about your idea.

Key Features of Concept Screening:

  • Ask up to 10 questions
  • Uses the Measurement Panel (Static Panel)
  • Find the right people to ask with Numerator Insight's Lapsed/Repeat/New Report or create your group using the survey prompts
  • Receive data in as quickly as 36 hours

Before you begin:

People Groups:

  • If you are going to want to launch your survey to a People Group, make that group before starting your Lapsing Brand set-up

What questions do you want to ask:

  • We have already loaded some popular questions (link)

Custom Questions:

  • You can ask your own custom questions, but they need to be added to your account before launching the survey
  • The form to add custom questions is available here

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